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Our industry is being continuously vilified in the media, with little-to-no pushback.
This has both short-term and long-term implications.

On the short term, there are the obvious challenges facilities are dealing with during this crisis. We are all scrambling for supplies and PPE, unable to get adequate testing, struggling with upset families, etc. In addition, the constant negative media coverage has pushed employee morale to a historic low. These are immediate concerns that need to be addressed. The state and national associations are doing what they do, but it’s not nearly enough to combat this on a local and national level.

Long term, it’s ultra-important to change the narrative today to get ahead of what’s coming tomorrow. We will be facing entirely new challenges once the current crisis passes. The first step is to change the perception the media has created and shed a different light on the industry as a whole. We are not the old-school traditional nursing homes we’re being made out to be, we are essentially step-down hospitals. Without significant pushback now, this will be difficult for the public to accept going forward.

While many facilities and companies have their own ongoing efforts, it’s fragmented across the industry. There is a strong need for a single, unified positive national message.

We are all in this together, and we need to face these substantial challenges together. This effort can only be effective with your engagement and support.