The eCap Summit is a unique opportunity to engage in direct discussions with financial institutions and thought-leaders focused on the evolving healthcare market shift. The conference is focused on helping your business prosper and understanding the changes to the regulatory and investment horizons influencing the industry.



NC Health Care Facilities Association
President and CEO
Benesch Friedlander
Health Care Association of New Jersey
President & CEO
Meridian Capital Group
Senior Managing Director
Saber Healthcare
Iowa Health Care Association
President & CEO
Valley Bank
FSVP, Managing Director of Healthcare Banking
American Health Care Association
Florida Health Care Association
CEO/Executive Director
Deutsche Bank
Managing Director
CareTrust REIT, Inc.
Chief Investment Officer
Forbes Tate Partners
Managing Partner
Health Facilities Association of Maryland
President & CEO
New York State Health Facilities Association
President & CEO
Virginia Health Care Association
President and CEO
Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA)
President & CEO
Ohio Health Care Association
Executive Director
Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities and the Connecticut Center for Assisted Living (CAHCF/CCAL)
President and CEO
Wisconsin Health Care Association/Wisconsin Center for Assist Living
Ambassadors Group
Director of Government Affairs
Enfield Capital Partners
Zimmet Healthcare
President & CEO
Direct Supply
Vice President - Government Affairs
Nji media
Managing Director, Accounts
Ensign Services
VP, Strategic Alignment & Innovation
Aspire Health Group
Noble Care
Chief Financial Officer
Creative Solutions in Healthcare
VIUM Capital, LLC
Senior Managing Director
Eastern Healthcare Group