Full Name
Michael Fragin
Syndicate Strategies
Michael Fragin is a veteran public affairs strategist with extensive experience in communications, issue advocacy, and government relations. Fragin specializes in tackling complex problems that highly regulated businesses endure from governmental interference and regulation. His sharp understanding of crisis management was honed during the dozens of campaigns that he has run at all levels of government in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Connecticut. In the 2022 cycle Fragin was instrumental to Zeldin’s near win in New York and was integral to multiple winning Congressional campaigns that led to the GOP takeover of the House. Fragin’s consulting roster focuses on the real estate, health care, political and nonprofit sectors. Known as an expert on New York politics, Fragin is widely quoted in the news media and hosts a weekly radio show on politics. Fragin has served in multiple elected and appointed positions in state and local government and serves as an advisor to the Nassau County Police Commissioner. He is an active EMT with the Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance for more than 25 years. Fragin earned his BA with honors in Economics and Political Science from Yeshiva University and his MBA from Columbia Business School.
Michael Fragin