Full Name
Ahron Golding, Esq.
Job Title
Tax Attorney
Roth & Co
Speaker Bio
Ahron possesses a strong knowledge of tax laws and issues. He has earned a reputation for excellence in providing expert guidance to clients with regards to favorably resolving IRS and State Tax problems. Ahron helps people sleep instead of staying awake at night listening to tax resolution advertisements.

Ahron knows how to work within the IRS system to take advantage of taxpayers’ full legal rights, negotiating with taxing authorities to waive penalties and reduce tax bills. Ahron handles a variety of complex tax matters such as: prevention and removal of tax liens and levies; preventing passport revocation for taxpayers with large IRS debts; and the return of NYS driver’s licenses to their owners who had them revoked due to nonpayment of taxes. He has also developed a specific expertise with regards to federal COVID-19 relief initiatives.
Ahron Golding, Esq.